About me

As a passionate lover of the outdoors and a dedicated PE teacher, I found myself constantly seeking ways to infuse creativity and aesthetics into my classroom. Being a first-generation Latina graduate, I wanted to bring my unique perspective and enthusiasm to the field of education. That's when the idea for my business was born. I started creating customizable templates for fellow teachers who shared my love for aesthetics as well as, creating an engaging learning environment. With each template, I pour my heart and passion into helping educators like you transform their classrooms into captivating spaces that inspire learning and joy. It brings me immense pride to support teachers in creating classrooms that reflect their personality and teaching style. Together, let's make education a beautiful and exciting journey for our students.

Thank you for supporting a Latina Small Business! 🖤🖤🖤


The cute PE Teacher

Customizable Field Day Templates available this week on our store.

Game Theme Field Day Template.mp4

Field Day games with modifications for K-5, field day inspo, scavenger hunts, and more.